The Spiral Dance

Okay, here goes. I really don't like this book. I am on chapter 2 and I am giving it a chance, but usually if it doesn't grab me early on, I don't finish it. I understand Starhawk stating that Witchcraft is probably the oldest Western religion, BUT, I think we all know that Wicca is a newer religion. Yes, many things are based on ancient religious practices, but these were all oral traditions and I don't think that too many of those people are still around. How do we know what they did? Because anthropologists said that is what they did? That is simply an educated--I use this term lightly--guess. And what is this "According to OUR legends"...? Wicca has legends? Or is it Witchcraft that has legends and which legends are these? Which cultures? Not all Wiccans are Witches. Plus, not all of us follow the Celtic legends. I guess I just don't like where she is coming from. Maybe I don't understand exactly where she is coming from. Plus, it feels as if Starhawk is in need of ritalin. She jumps around in her topic, if you can actually figure out the topic, besides reading the chapter titles. Also, I don't feel like this book is telling me something I haven't already read before. Are all books on Wicca or Witchcraft the same? I must have thirty books on such things and they are all the same, except for two. Right now, I am thinking that the Idiots Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft explain more than the rest of these other books. I am just disenchanted right now. I expected more out of this book and I am dissapointed.
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Chapters three and four

The main grace that I know is lacking in my life right now is forgiveness. I cannot begin to know how to gorgive myself for things I have done in my past. Once I try to, the blame seems to get shifted to someone else. Honestly, I am not sure if I want to forgive these other people. I have hate for some of them. I have, through years of therapy, Ha Ha, learned to forgive some actions, but as I mentioned, the blame goes to someone else. I cannot think of the small thing I could do to forgive others, but for myself, I could think of the person I have become instead of the person I used to be. I do not have my own set of graces. I believe that all I hold dear have already been listed by Dianne.

Chapter 4

I have only cast a circle once and it was during my training. I haven't really thought about why I would cast a circle. I was taught that it is to keep out negativity and bad whatevers. I think that I would probably cast a circle if I felt I needed that extra feeling of security. I have been working on preparing my entire home to be encircled and cleansed. There has been so much negativity coming in to my home, aka Doris (my grandmother)it feels stuffy and the air feels dull and stale.

I do have a couple of shrines set up right now. My first one is pictures of my family all over my fridge. Second, my walls are dedicated to my two children. Downstairs, I have an entire wall with pictures of them since they were babies. Upstairs, I have the hallway filled with their artwork. I have an entire 6 foot shelf dedicated to my totum animal the African elephant. And last, I have a shelf of various god and goddess shatues. I have been contemplating creating a shrine of sorts up in my room. I was thinking aobut a shrine exclusively for the Goddess. There I can pray or meditate to her and have an actual place just for me to worship, besides going outside.
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"The Circle Within; Creating a Wiccan Spiritual Tradition" by Dianne Sylvan.

Our first post will focus on a book that a friend and I have been reading entitled: "The Circle Within; Creating a Wiccan Spiritual Tradition" by Dianne Sylvan.

This book focuses on creating a daily spiritual practice for the individual. We just started reading the book and we are up to chapter 2.

So, to begin, at the end of each chapter the author gives you "3 things to think about"...I will just begin at the beginning and we will go from there.
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