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Gift of the Moon

I just want to share the wonderful piece of jewelry my husband presented me with as a gift. It’s a sterling silver crescent, inset with black onyx. Very lovely, and very appropriate for me, since I love the moon. I live in the Northern Hemisphere, so the crescent could be viewed as waning gibbous moon (because the black onyx forms the dark crescent shape at the edge of the moon from that time), or a waxing crescent moon (if you assume the onyx is in place of the moonlight within that time frame). Onyx apparently is good for grounding, and absorbing the negativity of others. It’s also been listed as being good for letting go of the old.

I am reminded of the crone aspect, not only because of the black color, but also because of the possibility of associating it with the gibbous waning moon, and the aspects of onyx which help with grounding and moving beyond the past. I have been actively moving out a lot of things which remind me of unhappier times in my past, and other things which I no longer have any use for. I also have always personally felt more in tune with the crone aspect than the maiden aspect.

For me, this necklace is a symbol of my connection with the divine, and the natural energies of nature. Here are a couple of links which show the same necklace:
Neither picture does it justice, but you get the idea. My spouse bought it at a local shop that is very pagan friendly. We’re lucky to have that particular shop in town since the proprietor is willing to special order oils and herbs and books. This allows people who wish to remain in the closet to do so with some discretion.

So, just wanted to share because I'm so happy with it! :)

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